So What Do YOU Do to get your creative juices going?

When time passes without creating we get rusty, we get afraid to put paint to watercolor paper. That perfectly white paper… ugh don’t want to destroy it!  (This is a group shot scroll down to see each individually up close)group shot

This has been the case for me this year. So to just get things going again I pulled out my zentangle kit and started to mindful scribble and incorporate some watercolor to give it a bit of color. They are not big and or time-consuming it is just enough to focus on something. Start it and finish it, these little scribbles are only 2 x 2 inches in size.The Big D

How fun it was, in the past I only did ink and pencil but to incorporate watercolor was the punch I needed. I think this will be something I pursue in the future in a large design. For now, I’ll just enjoy the quality of this meditation in art. Zentangles typically have no “plan” you just block off areas and add lines and squiggles. So it always interesting to see where you end up and the journey there. Always fun, this is just what I needed to get rolling again.. Back to the “mouse colors” with a Zentangle here and there.. So what do you do? would love to hear from those who do arts or crafts. Have a great week!

You are a star!

Fancy leaf

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