30 Paintings in 30 Days

Thanks to my special friend Cynthia who suggested trying this.   I have signed up!  January 2017 she has a challenge that involves just painting 1 painting a day for 30 days.

It doesn’t have to be a major work, there really are no special rules.  This is an opportunity to get into a daily habit of putting paint to paper,  and create!  I am very excited to do this.

Now the hard part, to pick some kind of theme.  Being January maybe winter scenes? I also have an urge to do miniatures.  Anything that measures 2 inches up to 5 inches which could be of any type of pictures.   I also enjoy learning new techniques.. so maybe picking  techniques to focus on.  Gosh I could go on and on.   So will pick a theme , and will post my daily painting here.    Wouldn’t it be cool to do it for a year?  12 months each with a different theme or focus?    Let just see if I can keep up for January. :-}

So anybody out there who might be interested in doing the same.

CLICK ON THE PICTURE..  dscn3109 To go to web site and sign up.



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