Day 9 of 30 January 2017

dscn3956A small painting  2 x 4 inches , A view from shore from Narrows Two campground looking out on to Mt Desert Island ( Acadia National Park) .

I honestly am shocked at myself to continue with this challenge.  What I have been doing is grabbing a piece of watercolor paper,  and have several pictures to choose from.  They are quick wet on wet,  at times I have two going just to give the first painting a rest so it dry’s a little bit.  These are taking no more than 20 min to 45 min  to finish.  Pretty soon I will start a more ambitious painting to work over a period of time. While still doing these quick  paintings.

4 thoughts on “Day 9 of 30 January 2017”

    1. Thank you so much! Love watercolors,it’s magic when the colors mingle and do their thing. 💟

  1. Lovely Diane, So glad this is working for you. Getting what’s inside you onto paper & enjoying it. Makes me smile to see you happy!!!! Keep it going like brushing your teeth it makes you feel better! Cynthia >

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