Day 27 of 30 challenge January 2017


This is a picture I had of my kitty Oliver looking out the window.  He was sitting facing me but had turned his head looking over his shoulder.     Below I wanted to post what I’m starting to do to keep track of my color mixtures and what was used in a painting.   I don’t know how other artist do it.  but I think for me it just might work.

so I am going to start cutting my paper bigger and construct my painting shifted over so I have an area to test paints and jot down the names of the colors used.  This way when a painting is all done .  This can be cut off and labeled which painting these colors where used on and also if I get a great mixture.. it will be there for me to repeat again in a different painting. The date started and finished  name of paper used. Also who what where on the back.  what the inspiration was as well.. It need not be a novel but if you want to recall all these details why not file it some where to have it when needed.


A shot of kitty a little bit further a way.  It measures 5.7 on arches 300 pound paper.  Using Daniel Smith watercolors.

2 thoughts on “Day 27 of 30 challenge January 2017”

  1. They are sooo beautiful! Your animals & birds you really connect with. I love them. Great ideas to keep you color charts. I call them my painting histories & keep them a folder or binder for future reference. See how much good is coming out of this 30 mins a day you are spending painting.

    I think you are right $20-30 pr lesson like I am now charging is the right amount.for the online lessons. Someone suggested $15 not worth my time. If I list on Etsy they take a fee also. Now I have to be more careful to get copy right free or permission images since on the internet for the classes. So more work or expense for me.

    Just went to set up a listing & s more involved than I had planned. Will keep woking on it.

    Your twelve hour days will be a challenge but there will be an ending. Keep up good nutrition breaks, take healthy snacks, stretches, walk around the “block”,bathroom breaks & drink water at work to keep you in tune. while you are doing this. 🙂 Be nice if you can keep up your 30 min artist breaks too on your free days.

    I continue to get better but still get sweaty weak after 20 mins. So don’t know if I will be able to keep my Tues apt w GI Dr.

    I’m off to take a break. Cynthia


    1. Thank you cynthia as you know I love animals! I do try to capture them as best I can but it is a challenge. Many more practice practice practice in my future.

      Well it funny how ideas pop into your head as you are busy creating. I always wanted to have my mixtures and colors used for reference. This works great.. may have a master sheet of just “fabulous” mixtures.. pinned up on wall.. how fun that will be to pick and choose which combo makes it on the wall !

      Yes I agree 15 is way to little after fees and time spent going over lessons with students. I am glad to hear you are feeling better, it is good to keep moving. Push it a little but don’t over do. 🙂

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