Day 9 of 30 January 2017

dscn3956A small painting  2 x 4 inches , A view from shore from Narrows Two campground looking out on to Mt Desert Island ( Acadia National Park) .

I honestly am shocked at myself to continue with this challenge.  What I have been doing is grabbing a piece of watercolor paper,  and have several pictures to choose from.  They are quick wet on wet,  at times I have two going just to give the first painting a rest so it dry’s a little bit.  These are taking no more than 20 min to 45 min  to finish.  Pretty soon I will start a more ambitious painting to work over a period of time. While still doing these quick  paintings.

Day 5 of 30 January 2017


This surely still needs work, at least thats what my insides tell me.  So it’s a Work In Progress..  I think, what do you think?  Let me know if I should stop.  Something about it needs something..  But for today I will post this kitty as day 5.  Really enjoy this daily painting challenge.. Have a great day .  I will be posting a link to this 30 in 30 challenge tonight.. so you can see all the other fabulous paintings there!

30 in 30 challenge (click here)

Day 3 of 30 January 2017


Pretty Blue Bottle

My attempt at painting a gorgeous blue bottle, after wine has been consumed. It was a gift from my daughter and her boyfriend  christmas.

So the goal with this painting was to really work on the glassy appearance of the bottle trying to show the highlights.  Also I was really enjoying the back ground the golden bright wall with the shadow cast by the bottle it self.   I did not spend much time on the corks details.   It was fun , I love bright colors, sometimes I go a little haywire..  ha ha just ask Cynthia ..  she knows 🙂


Day 2 of 30 paintings a day


My Little Maiden Fern

Here is my contribution to my 30 in 30 challenge.   Day 2  I did a small painting 5 X 7  on arches watercolor paper .   I do not spend a lot of time painting these.  I probably spend about 1 hour from start to finish.   Its wonderful to sketch loosely   and keep the painting loose as well.  I am typically a very tight painter and typically spend a lot of time drawing out and painting.  So this is very good to work out.. being loose.  🙂

Painting 1 of 30 days January 1st 2017

Here is a truly new beginning.  Pulling the paints out and just going for it.  No fuss just play, could not come up with a “theme”  My theme is just to  “Just Paint”.   So as far as what I will come up with will be a mystery to me as well..  But thats ok.

So for my first painting of January 2017 is a small little still life  it is 5 X7 on arches paper.  I use mostly Daniel smith watercolors.  My inspiration for this painting was a picture I saw in a magazine.   Like I said this will be an interesting month of what I will pick to paint and how.  So there maybe some experimenting  going on as well as subject matter. 🙂dscn3937