A new watercolor palette

I have found this amazing new palette, that can hold ALL my paints. I’m a collector of hues, so much fun!

Daniel Smith watercolors has a wide variety of gorgeous paints.

I found a palette that can hold 85 colors! The best thing is, this well made palette comes with 100 paint cup liners. This is great because each well can easily be moved or put in a travel case. None of it is permanent, which I love.

It has a good size area in the center and a sturdy cover for mixing.

Also it sits on a turn table, yup twirling to get to a different color. I have made a color map of colors and where they live on the wheel. I’ve numbered each removal well. So I know which was put in that particular well/ spot. See below of pictures of this great palette,. I got it from http://www.robax.com

I apologise in advance, not the greatest of pictures, all taken with my phone. Mind you the size of this does not make it a good choice for traveling ,but in a home studio is perfect for me.