June 2 day (2 of 30 paintings)

Woohoo day 2 Pansies caught my eye. Love them! Takes a lot of viewing to paint them more realistic. Also controlling the paint and figuring out the color mixes. I will include my picture I have been using for these first few days.

Measures about 1 1/2 x 3 inches taken by my mobile phone.

June 1 day (1 of 30)

Ok so here I go, 30 paintings in 30 days.  Today I had time to do a few in one sitting.  I realized I may not be able to paint on some days so will do some in advance for the those days where life gets in the way. Today was all about pansies. First painting taken in sunshine and also in shade. Not sure which is best. Have a wonderful day,hope you get to paint today

Taken in the sunshine colors look muted.
Same picture in shade, difference shows in colors. 🤔 Interesting..

Pulling out the paints!

I have very good news, indeed. I’ve finally retired from my fabulous day job. I’m free to enjoy all my creative joys. Looking forward to just putting paint to paper. Enjoying the journey that will unfold in the months to come.

I will be doing another 30 paintings a day for the month of June. So stay tuned it will be all about spring. I hope any of you who would like to join along. Please post your links in the comment to see what you are painting as well. Happy Spring!!!

Purple Gems