A new watercolor palette

I have found this amazing new palette, that can hold ALL my paints. I’m a collector of hues, so much fun!

Daniel Smith watercolors has a wide variety of gorgeous paints.

I found a palette that can hold 85 colors! The best thing is, this well made palette comes with 100 paint cup liners. This is great because each well can easily be moved or put in a travel case. None of it is permanent, which I love.

It has a good size area in the center and a sturdy cover for mixing.

Also it sits on a turn table, yup twirling to get to a different color. I have made a color map of colors and where they live on the wheel. I’ve numbered each removal well. So I know which was put in that particular well/ spot. See below of pictures of this great palette,. I got it from http://www.robax.com

I apologise in advance, not the greatest of pictures, all taken with my phone. Mind you the size of this does not make it a good choice for traveling ,but in a home studio is perfect for me.

30 Paintings in 30 Days

Thanks to my special friend Cynthia who suggested trying this.   I have signed up!  January 2017 she has a challenge that involves just painting 1 painting a day for 30 days.

It doesn’t have to be a major work, there really are no special rules.  This is an opportunity to get into a daily habit of putting paint to paper,  and create!  I am very excited to do this.

Now the hard part, to pick some kind of theme.  Being January maybe winter scenes? I also have an urge to do miniatures.  Anything that measures 2 inches up to 5 inches which could be of any type of pictures.   I also enjoy learning new techniques.. so maybe picking  techniques to focus on.  Gosh I could go on and on.   So will pick a theme , and will post my daily painting here.    Wouldn’t it be cool to do it for a year?  12 months each with a different theme or focus?    Let just see if I can keep up for January. :-}

So anybody out there who might be interested in doing the same.

CLICK ON THE PICTURE..  dscn3109 To go to web site and sign up.



I’m back

Simply put, time to paint again.  NO MORE putting off, finally feeling like I am clearing the time to do what is important to me.   Excited to say I finally have a space of my own to Paint and do any and all creative projects.

That has been a real hinderance between all the house improvements and what have you just did not work in my favor.  So feeling the urge I know i’ve said this before but now I feel renewed and time to actually work on paintings.

Hope all is well..  I’m off to pull out the paints.  Have a great day!   Here is a little bit of holiday color for you. 🙂