Day 30 of 30 Fun month of painting!January 2017


An amazing 30 days for sure!  Here is my very last january painting and will add a “sort of works in progress ” on this one.  I say sort of because at one point I just forgot and went crazy painting.. and didn’t stop to photograph.    I was not sure it was going to come together.  Over all i’m happy with it but have a long way to go in learning fur and just learning to use different color schemes.    Seems I keep using the same colors.

The picture I used was from a magazine from along time ago.  I just loved the side view of this cat and knew I wanted to attempt painting this guy..  finally.

So now what?  Must keep painting!  Not sure what February will bring need to think about that.  Maybe it will be another month of paintings..we shall see.  🙂

light drawing
light underpainting
begun the eye
started to lay in the darks
and bam I got to this point sorry no pictures from last update.. but did add more detail to eye and fur and back ground
started to really work up the fur and washes to blend in somewhat.
finished painting.


Day 25 of 30 January 2017

Seeds have been added, does give it a little bit more sunflower look to it.

Day 25 Working on learning how to use the yellows.  This is a sunflower that the picture was cropped just catching a portion of these huge sunflower in my yard a few years back.  It needs something.  I will repost the final picture on this day 25 post .  I need to get back on it and add the seeds in the center.  Things got so muddy I gave up on this one.  But worth going back to it and give it another chance.  This is why I share its the good and the bad, and everything in between.  Enjoying the journey!

Day 12 of 30 challenge2017


My finished Painting done from a picture I took a few years ago.  Cadillac mountain  watching the sunset.  Gorgeous place to go and visit no doubt.  But I am finding more and more that I somewhat use the picture as a jumping off point.  But totally ignore it pretty quickly as I start painting..  Yea I guess I”m finally getting loose and more painterly.

I must say I was not having much hope with this one as it started, therefore I only took one work in progress picture..  Thought it was going to be on the scrap pile.  I’m happy with the final result.  But having said that I took another picture of it and cropped it a little bit more on the left side..  That green bush there is just  to dominate for my liking.  Just scroll down to see WIP picture and Actual picture.


I do like it better , but either way will work.  I have added the one shot of during the painting process and the  inspiration picture that was taken by me. Thank you for stopping by to check it out.

This was the beginning of this painting.
Actual picture I did this painting from

AH..Finally have my painting corner all fixed up!!

I’m all set up and ready to roll.  My helper “Turkey” is making sure everything is there for me.  So Lets just say the upstairs bedroom did not do the job.  It was very  dark and very cramped.  Hated to go in there.  I moved it all downstairs.. set up a big table so I can spread out.. yeah.

Paint palette used a mixture of Windsor red/ Aureolin /  French Ultramarine and cobalt blue..  this is it!  Still keeping in mind working with mouse colors.  I think this is why I choose this white flower to paint those “grays” but finding it is harder than it looks.  I’m virtually new to this even though I use to paint about 10 years ago.

white flower 006 white flower 007

white flower 011 white flower 014

I know this painting so far looks very soft in color but it is very  yellow in real life.  The yellow is very washed out in the picture.white flower 015

Painting number two using the same picture for inspiration but going its own way.  Very blue/purple with some yellow, I had hoped it would be more realistic like the picture.  I guess painting “white” is not as easy as it looks. lol.  I’m going to focus on these two and just go with it.  Maybe once the back ground is added it will look better.  After wards I just may give it another try.   To see if I can get that perfect greyish color to make this white flower look as it should.

white flower 016 white flower 017 white flower 018 white flower 019

Tulips from long ago (step by step)

This is the final painting of theses tulips, but the pictures following it show the progression of this painting.   I used a limited palette , and for me that is very difficult.  It was done on fabulous Fabriano watercolor paper..  Rough 600 g/m2 .  This paper does not need to be stretched and  can take loads of water.

The story behind this painting is short and sweet, I started it last year sometime.  Of course my artistic plans and thoughts where totally different from what they are now.  So it started out one way and ended up another.  I started out with a pastel painting soft and very transparent to what you see here.  It got very heavy and dark, felt like some areas got muddy.  As I worked on it, I did not feel it was going in the direction I originally wanted, but felt I would see it to the end.  Sometimes paintings have a way of painting them selves.  You just have to go with.  Also being the first in a long time this was truly a getting to know my medium again and brushes.   Thank you for taking a look, I will probably post this on wet canvas to get critiques.  We all can learn from one another that is my goal here.Image

This was my first layer of paint and light pencil drawing.  Unfortunately my cat max (maine coon) loves pictures… he loves to chew them.. so he got a hold of this one and put his fine mark on it.


This is where i picked it up from last year  and started laying color in.. Image

Added some back ground and worked on the leaves and flower more


I really love when the water added causes these interesting reactions.. moving the paint around.  I also like to mix my colors on the paper.  more reactive looking.Image

At this point I really started adding my darks.. to make things pop.ImageImage

for a few days I let it sit…  not sure if I wanted to call it done…  sometimes you just have to stop.  I have great difficulties in that.   Actually I probably could have stopped on this one along time ago .  But kept going..


I was liking the missing lines in areas..  where the back ground and subject sort of mesh in..  There is a term for this but for the life of me I can’t think of it right now.  Ah Yes I remember now… Lost  Edges.   Unfortunately I did lose the stem to this tulip.  Not happy with that.    After several days of just letting sit and having me walk by it and glancing at it from time to time.  I decided to add some black lines.. to redefine lines.  This was not my “vision” for this painting.  It was  my time to  work on reacquainting myself with the watercolor paints and brushes.  So No matter what I was going to see this one to the end.  Good or Bad.  Not a total lost there are things I like about it.


This was my final addition to this painting… just adding a wee bit of detail.


these are the actual colors and mixes I used on this painting.  They look so much better here… as I said I was a bit heavy handed with the painting..  I usually enjoy more transparency.Image