Pulling out the paints!

I have very good news, indeed. I’ve finally retired from my fabulous day job. I’m free to enjoy all my creative joys. Looking forward to just putting paint to paper. Enjoying the journey that will unfold in the months to come.

I will be doing another 30 paintings a day for the month of June. So stay tuned it will be all about spring. I hope any of you who would like to join along. Please post your links in the comment to see what you are painting as well. Happy Spring!!!

Purple Gems

A new watercolor palette

I have found this amazing new palette, that can hold ALL my paints. I’m a collector of hues, so much fun!

Daniel Smith watercolors has a wide variety of gorgeous paints.

I found a palette that can hold 85 colors! The best thing is, this well made palette comes with 100 paint cup liners. This is great because each well can easily be moved or put in a travel case. None of it is permanent, which I love.

It has a good size area in the center and a sturdy cover for mixing.

Also it sits on a turn table, yup twirling to get to a different color. I have made a color map of colors and where they live on the wheel. I’ve numbered each removal well. So I know which was put in that particular well/ spot. See below of pictures of this great palette,. I got it from http://www.robax.com

I apologise in advance, not the greatest of pictures, all taken with my phone. Mind you the size of this does not make it a good choice for traveling ,but in a home studio is perfect for me.

A Journal of sorts

It was a great experience to do the 30 paintings in 30 days.  Leslie Saeta  promises to host another in September I will probably join in again.  Here is her link for anyone who would be interested in seeing all the beautiful art work from this Januarys  30 in 30 and previous ones she has hosted.   Or if you are an artist who would enjoy trying it.. check it out 30 in 30 days painting

But for now I have other ideas on my mind.  I have been teaching my self the fine art of cutting mat boards for my paintings. So I will be putting some on my Etsy shop and  others given as gifts.  When my Etsy shop gets updated I will be sure to post on here and my face book page.

Today I’d like to share this cool bounded leather journal I found at hobby lobby filled with 300 pound rough watercolor paper.  It is not the best quality but for 40.00 it is a great tool for just playing with color and design.    So  I just started with pencil scribbles and then filled in the lines experimenting with color.  Sometimes.. when you just don’t feel like being serious and doing art but feel like digging into the paint palette this does the trick.

Nothing fancy other than to just see how paints look mixing or glazing.   Scroll down to see the pictures of this side project.

Nice new journal with watercolor paper

Heavy duty paper

First attempts



My 30 paintings in 30 days!

This I must say was an eye opener, when we say we don’t have enough time.  It is So not true ,I have proved to myself that I can find the time.  I was really entrenched in this process this month, and had a fun time doing it.   So now I need to keep this momentum going, painting away.

These are my 30 , and pleased overall.   Thanks for taking a look 🙂picmonkey-image

Day 30 of 30 Fun month of painting!January 2017


An amazing 30 days for sure!  Here is my very last january painting and will add a “sort of works in progress ” on this one.  I say sort of because at one point I just forgot and went crazy painting.. and didn’t stop to photograph.    I was not sure it was going to come together.  Over all i’m happy with it but have a long way to go in learning fur and just learning to use different color schemes.    Seems I keep using the same colors.

The picture I used was from a magazine from along time ago.  I just loved the side view of this cat and knew I wanted to attempt painting this guy..  finally.

So now what?  Must keep painting!  Not sure what February will bring need to think about that.  Maybe it will be another month of paintings..we shall see.  🙂

light drawing

light underpainting

begun the eye

started to lay in the darks

and bam I got to this point sorry no pictures from last update.. but did add more detail to eye and fur and back ground

started to really work up the fur and washes to blend in somewhat.

finished painting.