June 2 day (2 of 30 paintings)

Woohoo day 2 Pansies caught my eye. Love them! Takes a lot of viewing to paint them more realistic. Also controlling the paint and figuring out the color mixes. I will include my picture I have been using for these first few days.

Measures about 1 1/2 x 3 inches taken by my mobile phone.

A great way to start painting again.

Let me begin with I have no affiliation with this author/artist.  My daughter bought me this lovely workbook called “Watercolor book vol 1 botanicals by Sara Cray.”  I love it! In it she has projects with pre drawn subjects.  Each project focuses on a type of technique using watercolors.  I like that I don’t have to search and draw out subject matter which is overwhelming at this point. Each project actually has a watercolor paper with a drawing lightly printed and can be removed to frame. At this point I want to get a handle on the painting part.  So this is perfect in my opinion to learn and practice.  I’ve taken pictures of my progress of this painting.  Also the info of the book if anyone is interested in it. This project took me less than an hour.

Using waterproof ink pen
Adding flowers and splatter loosely rendered

Getting organized

After a very long break from painting,I have promised my self I will give it a go again.   Feeling like I’m starting over again.   I started to look at my supplies,and to figure out the ” in studio painting” and ” plein air  painting”

So I need an area I can leave my paints out. Half the time just getting everything out to paint is a huge turn off .

I’ve always had an interest in plein air so this is about getting organized.  After pulling out out all the possible bags I own to pack my painting bag.  Figured this is my best solution.

My let’s go painting bag

In here I managed to fit my “Meeden tripod”. My little seat,water color paper, palette,brushes, rags, small bottles of water and two plastic containers for clean and dirty water,pencils eraser and tape.  I’m sure I will add more but for now this will work

So this tripod set up is really neat.  There is a shelf to mix  colors hold water and what have you. My palette has a small mixing surface. So may just use it as a shelf.

These 3 photos show the different heights the tripod can be adjusted to. It is a bit flimsy so it is important to weight it down so wind doesn’t carry it away
I use this “aquatote”  which I put my jars of water and extra rags, tape.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m heading out to paint.have a great day!

Painting 1 of 30 days January 1st 2017

Here is a truly new beginning.  Pulling the paints out and just going for it.  No fuss just play, could not come up with a “theme”  My theme is just to  “Just Paint”.   So as far as what I will come up with will be a mystery to me as well..  But thats ok.

So for my first painting of January 2017 is a small little still life  it is 5 X7 on arches paper.  I use mostly Daniel smith watercolors.  My inspiration for this painting was a picture I saw in a magazine.   Like I said this will be an interesting month of what I will pick to paint and how.  So there maybe some experimenting  going on as well as subject matter. 🙂dscn3937