Day 14 of 30 painting challenge jan 2017


Bass harbor light house on Mt Dessert Island Maine. ¬† ¬†This painting measures 5×7 inches on arches 300 watercolor paper. ¬†I am also posting a ¬†WIP picture and the actual picture used for inspiration. ¬†The Wip photos are very few because of how quickly these small paintings progress. ¬† Not to many stopping points. ¬†Very quick rendering.

Almost done adding a bit more shading and detail
The very beginning “ugly” stage. You think it will never look ok..
Actual picture I used for inspiration. Please ask permission to use any of my photos. These are my personal collection.

Day 12 of 30 challenge2017


My finished Painting done from a picture I took a few years ago. ¬†Cadillac mountain ¬†watching the sunset. ¬†Gorgeous place to go and visit no doubt. ¬†But I am finding more and more that I somewhat use the picture as a jumping off point. ¬†But totally ignore it pretty quickly as I start painting.. ¬†Yea I guess I”m finally getting loose and more painterly.

I must say I was not having much hope with this one as it started, therefore I only took one work in progress picture.. ¬†Thought it was going to be on the scrap pile. ¬†I’m happy with the final result. ¬†But having said that I took another picture of it and cropped it a little bit more on the left side.. ¬†That green bush there is just ¬†to dominate for my liking. ¬†Just scroll down to see WIP picture and Actual picture.


I do like it better , but either way will work.  I have added the one shot of during the painting process and the  inspiration picture that was taken by me. Thank you for stopping by to check it out.

This was the beginning of this painting.
Actual picture I did this painting from

Day 9 of 30 January 2017

dscn3956A small painting  2 x 4 inches , A view from shore from Narrows Two campground looking out on to Mt Desert Island ( Acadia National Park) .

I honestly am shocked at myself to continue with this challenge. ¬†What I have been doing is grabbing a piece of watercolor paper, ¬†and have several pictures to choose from. ¬†They are quick wet on wet, ¬†at times I have two going just to give the first painting a rest so it dry’s a little bit. ¬†These are taking no more than 20 min to 45 min ¬†to finish. ¬†Pretty soon I will start a more ambitious painting to work over a period of time. While still doing these quick ¬†paintings.