Day 24 of 30 painting challenge January 2017


My little painting of a yellow pansy, picture taken in my yard a few years ago.  I  used this cool purple watercolor that had tiny shiny glitters in it.  The name escapes my memory right now.   I promise in the future I will list some of these fun colors I have picked up over the years.

This painting is literally  just 2 x 4 inches. good things come in small packages.

Day 22 of 30 January 2017


Hey there, day 22 ¬†8 days to go before this challenge is done. ¬†WOW amazed I’m keeping up. ¬†This little painting is about 2 inches by 4 inches done on a piece of ripped watercolor paper. ¬† So very rough edges 300 pound cold pressed paper. ¬†The heavier the paper the more water it can take.

Day 20 of 30 January 2017


Day 20 ¬†Happy to say I’ve been keeping up with the challenge. ¬†Not overly happy with this one. ¬† The wintery scene just looks static, the river is going up hill.. ¬†almost like it is a road way. ¬†Will promise myself to do this one over, at a later date.

Day 19 of 30 January 2017


Just having fun with washes the last few days.  Trying not to get to heavy with the paint.   Nothing too special not any major techniques other than wet in wet.  I did let things dry a little bit.  Trying to learn to be patient.  I must pull out the hair dryer that may help the situation.  This was a scene from a picture I took up in North Conway NH

Day 17 of 30 challenge Jan 2017


I just had a hankering to play with my Blue and  Yellow watercolors.  To experiment with stripes of each blue and then adding a yellow wash on each blue to see how they looked.  I let the blue completely dry .  Then added a medium wash of each yellow with out disturbing the bottom color.   This way the bottom color shows through the top color and changes the look.

This is a bit different from what I usually do in my paintings.. Typically I bring two colors side by side and let them mingle and do their thing, and or mix it in the palette. ¬† ¬†I’ve added the beginnings of this project below. ¬† ¬†Which began with just drawing lines, adding the painting name at the top and sides. ¬†Then proceeded painting each blue, after they where totally dry did a medium wash of yellow ¬†over the blue. ¬†I think lighter washes would probably work better. ¬†When this technique is done right it can be so beautiful.

Day 15 and 16 of 30 days Jan 2017


Playing catch up, I found two paintings I had started years ago and decided to just experiment.  My goal was to darken the back ground and make the flowers pop color wise.  My personal opinion is first one with the two pansies are ok.. the bottom single one.. not so good.   Over worked.  Typically I would not share these but , for the spirit of doing 30 in 30  I will.  Its what I have worked on, for the project.

Tomorrow I will post something a bit different for day 17.  Basically coloring between the lines.   Experimenting with all my blues and yellows.   Painting a stripe of each blue and then doing a wash over the blues.  Not quite done but will be for tomorrow.