June 2 day (2 of 30 paintings)

Woohoo day 2 Pansies caught my eye. Love them! Takes a lot of viewing to paint them more realistic. Also controlling the paint and figuring out the color mixes. I will include my picture I have been using for these first few days.

Measures about 1 1/2 x 3 inches taken by my mobile phone.

Memorial Day Weekend

I’m so grateful to all the veterans and their families for the sacrifice to keep us free and safe.

I hope everyone is having a peaceful weekend. I visited my mom and dad and planted marigolds at the headstone. It makes me feel good to honor them for all they did for me.

I’m gearing up to start my 30 in 30 starting June first. I pulled out and organized my paints and what have you. I did paint 4 small paintings about 4 x4 inches in size.

It was an interesting painting session to say the least. I realized I forgot a lot of the rules.,1. Let first layer dry, before marching on wet on wet is great untill it isn’t… 2. Plan your painting a little bit…thumb nail figure out your lights and darks. 3. Don’t give up too soon. I think I could finish these off by adding some details over these little paintings..who knows I just may. Here they are in their little beginner painted glories. I feel like a beginner again and that’s perfectly ok.☺️

Group shot
A lilac bush that is not your typical purple color. These are tiny pinky color,need to work on figuring out that color
Same lilac bush
Petunias and geraniums
Just color wet on wet play

So there you go. Hope everyone has a great weekend,we are having gorgeous weather here in the northeast

Day 23 of 30 Painting challenge January 2017


I really struggled with this one.   Over all in the end I was happy with how it turned out.  Not even close to the picture I used for inspiration.  It was an owl.  Not sure what people see when they look at those piercing eyes.    I am finding more and more, I use less of the picture and just do what my painting soul tells me to do.

This painting is not very big, its about 7 inches by 9 inches done on 300 pound  with  Just slightly  textured surface.   I love the heavy papers.. no taping no stretching and no curling.

AH..Finally have my painting corner all fixed up!!

I’m all set up and ready to roll.  My helper “Turkey” is making sure everything is there for me.  So Lets just say the upstairs bedroom did not do the job.  It was very  dark and very cramped.  Hated to go in there.  I moved it all downstairs.. set up a big table so I can spread out.. yeah.

Paint palette used a mixture of Windsor red/ Aureolin /  French Ultramarine and cobalt blue..  this is it!  Still keeping in mind working with mouse colors.  I think this is why I choose this white flower to paint those “grays” but finding it is harder than it looks.  I’m virtually new to this even though I use to paint about 10 years ago.

white flower 006 white flower 007

white flower 011 white flower 014

I know this painting so far looks very soft in color but it is very  yellow in real life.  The yellow is very washed out in the picture.white flower 015

Painting number two using the same picture for inspiration but going its own way.  Very blue/purple with some yellow, I had hoped it would be more realistic like the picture.  I guess painting “white” is not as easy as it looks. lol.  I’m going to focus on these two and just go with it.  Maybe once the back ground is added it will look better.  After wards I just may give it another try.   To see if I can get that perfect greyish color to make this white flower look as it should.

white flower 016 white flower 017 white flower 018 white flower 019